Celebrity Thibu Gracia and Jessica

Both Celebrities got their Grillz done byCelebrity dentist Dr.Amir Sayed


Adding some bling and shine to your mouth is the perfect way to get noticed. With artists from Thibu Gracia to Jessica grilling big influencers, this is the perfect time to get a set – We at DXB Teeth  have grillz by Dr.Amir Abbas Sayed. Thibaut Garcia (born 26 May 1994, Toulouse, France) is a French classical guitarist. Jessica Garcia (born Thivenin)is a reality TV candidate, businesswoman, and former French hairdresser who is known at the beginning of 2014 in season 3 of the Marseillais: The Marseillais in Rio.Both are very well known personalities.Like it or not, grills are quickly becoming the hottest tooth trend among female celebrities. Everyone from Thibu Gracia to Drey Spensor  has been rocking some sort of front these days — from subtle silver varieties to blinged-out faux teeth. Of course, this is hardly a new trend — Jessica , and many other stars have been wearing fancy dental work for years.

Grillz is one of the best ways to make an impression in a crowd so you can stand out and be remembered for your keen sense of fashion and flair. While the Silver Grill and the Golden Grill have a great look and are a great way to complement almost any outfit, there are just a few occasions that invite you to move on to the next level.

When it comes to such special occasions that you want to look absolutely glamorous in a crowd, why not shine your teeth?

 At DXB Teeth , we offer amazing diamond grills that no one will ever forget after seeing you wear them after your special occasion. If you want a look similar to the grill that celebrities are swaying without the high cost, you’re in the right place.

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