I am Amir Abbas, a Celebrity Dentist. My job is to make people have a Smile with Fashion. I do Veneers with Tattoos, Veneers with Diamonds, Crown and Bridges with EMax and also in Gold and Diamonds .Want to have a gold filling or a colored filling matching your dress !. I also do Teeth Jwellery in silver, gold and diamond Grillz, twinkles and gems with teeth whitening, Invisaline for teeth correction, you can see my portfolio and contact me to shine in the club tonight.
Fellowship in Aesthetic Dentistry and cosmetologist from Griefswald university, Germany makes me more proficient to understand the treatment and cosmetic needs of the people.

Amir Abbas


Order your Grillz



Book an appointment or Order a mould kit to get your measurement mould taken of your teeth. This is the first step to the process. (Please NOTE: If you have ordered one of our new professional mould kits it easy to take the measurement and this can be done by following our video tutorial)


You have now filled in the grillz order form with a member of the team and confirmed your chosen design. 50% deposit is required to initiate the work on your jewellery, 50% on completion. (PLEASE NOTE: This is company policy and we do not work in credit for any work carried out for customers)


All you have to do is order your kit and send it back to us with your 50% deposit or book your appointment and the grillz will be made ready for delivery.


On at your appointment one of our team of professionals will make sure that your impression is okay and passes as quality control check. Ready then to start discussing options of grills. (PLEASE NOTE: if you purchase, please watch the mould tutorial and return your measurement mould to the address on your mould kit)


Once we receive the grillz from casting, they are ready to be fitted in the mouth; the way we do this is either send by first class delivery or you book another appointment for custom fitting


Casting is a procedure where your ordered design is first made as a wax up version and then casted into silver or gold. Diamond setting is very precise and the most important thing is for you to know what size diamond you are looking to have, that will be discussed at the impression appointment and needed for casting Here we do take care of which diamond sizes fit your teeth right so there is nothing to worry about
Tattoo Teeth
Getting a tattoo on your teeth
rose tooth tattoo 2

Most frequent questions and answers

No ways .just size/measurement of your teeth and grillz ready to be seated

It is not advisable to cut your teeth to get the grillz but if that is the beauty/fashion concern then it’s not a problem ..same as you get Veneers you can have fixed grillz

Grillz can be made in any material as said silver/platinum/gold and various stone like zirconia ,si diamods ,Vs diamonds ,vvs diamonds can be added to it

If you have removable grillz then you shouldnt eat with it although you can drink any liquid provided it is gold ..as said earlier silver and platinum are reactive

Yes ,you get certificate of the gemstone .There are various companies in UAE who does certification but we mostly deal with SGL or IGI