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I am Amir Sayed. I do Cosmetic/Diamond dentistry and my job is to make people smile in style. I do Veneers with Tattoos, Veneers with Diamonds ,Crown or dental bridges with EMax in Gold and Diamonds, dental implant in gold and diamond. Want to have a gold filling or a colored filling matching your dress !. I also do Teeth Jewelry in silver, gold, and diamond Grillz, twinkles, gems with teeth whitening, Invisalign for teeth correction. You can see my portfolio and contact me to shine in the club tonight.

Fellowship in Aesthetic Dentistry and Cosmetology from Griefswald university, Germany makes me more proficient A in understanding the treatment and cosmetic needs of people


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Tattoo Teeth
Getting a tattoo on your teeth
rose tooth tattoo 2

Most frequent questions and answers

Definitely not! .Just size/measurement of your teeth and Grillz ready to be seated

It is not wise to cut your teeth to get the grillz but if that is the beauty/fashion concern then it’s not a problem .Same as you get Veneers you can have fixed Grillz.

Grillz can be made in any material as said silver/platinum/gold and various stone like zirconia ,SI diamonds ,VS diamonds ,VVS diamonds can be added to it.

If you have removable grillz then you shouldn’t eat with it although you can drink any liquid provided it is gold .As said earlier silver and platinum are reactive.

Yes you are provided with a Certificate for all Diamond Grillz

Certification includes

  1. Total number of Diamonds.

  2. Quality of Diamonds.
  3. Clarity and Color of Diamonds.
  4. Karrat used for the Diamonds.
  5. Gold quality and weight.
  6. Color and picture of the Grillz
  7. Barcode to check certificate on SGL website

(All These Free Of Cost 🤩).

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