Is a form or shape of an object,design ,art,etc in the form of metal such as silver or gold which can be studded with stones and is glued to the tooth to make more aesthetic.

Generally twinkles are readymade in the shape of heart ,fish,star,dollar,cross,etc and it can also be custom made of any desired shape or form.


  • Easy to fix.
  • Better contrast with whitening.
  • Looks natural.
  • Is a form of jwellery on the tooth.
  • Anything you like can be made in gold or silver.


  • In excessive pressure it debonds.
  • if silver used then easily turns black.
Dollar 18 Karrat Twinkle Custom
Nike 18 Karrat Twinkle Custom

Dollar 18 Karrat Twinkle 

Nike 18 Karrat Twinkle 

IMG 20210825 182202 Custom
White Gems Custom

Rainbow Gems

White Gems