Dental Tattoos

Dental tattoos are the cosmetic markings made on teeth. A dental crown is needed for it as on healthy tooth tattoos cannot be applied. It not only gives a vibrant appearance but also covers the  damaged teeth. Tattooed crowns perform the normal functions of regular crowns. There’s no oral health risk it’s just another tooth with amazing artwork. The procedure is painless and it’s also easily removed. There are two ways for a person to get a tattoo. One is permanent and while the other one is temporary. In permanent tattoos a ceramic material is used to ink a tattoo and then placed on to enhance someone’s smile to give a killer appearance.


Firstly, the impression of the tooth is made for the crown then a photograph of the tattoo is sent to the lab which design it on false teeth then this inked tooth is placed back on the crown of the tooth while in the temporary method a direct stick-on procedure used. There are no precautionary measures taken just a person needs to brush regularly and cleaned tattooed teeth.

Silver, gold, and other metals like copper, tin, and mercury are used for this purpose. Apart from body tattoos that are used in the past for religious purposes, the tooth tattoos appeared more in this decade from a fashion aesthetic point of view. It not only enhances someone’s confidence but also gives a personality-dashing look with a killer appearance.


  • An unique experience of fashion.
  • You can have a picture of anyone dear to you dog, cat, love, etc.
  • Doesn’t obstruct nor does cleaning  effected.
  • Can easily be removed with minor trimming.


  • Social stigma of being tattooed.